Remember the Poor International, Inc.


mission_group_2Remember the Poor International (RTPI) is the tool EBC uses to carry out its foreign missions efforts. As a church body, EBC believes strongly that the local church has a directive from God to actively participate in the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world. RTPI is a trusted avenue through which our congregation has helped sustain a church and school in the country of Haiti. Having sent a missionary from our congregation, along with our affiliated pastor, who is the President of RTPI, we have first-hand knowledge about how RTPI is making a positive impact in the remote village in Haiti where our church and school is located.

History of RTPI – Pierre Fedner grew up in the center of the voodoo culture as the son of a powerful witch doctor and was trained to take his spot one day. Pierre was saved through a Haitian who was saved through a Canadian with the Mission Possible missionary organization. He served for 11 years with Mission Possible and 3 years with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) in St Marc Haiti in various leadership roles.

In 1996, Pierre met and trained Shelly Holcombe in YWAM Discipleship Training School (DTS) in St Marc Haiti. In 1997, God called Pierre to start a ministry on La Gonave Island in remote villages, where no missionary groups were present. Over the years, in addition to the church, a school was constructed and staffed, other community projects were undertaken, and lives in the voodoo place began to be transformed.

In 2003, Shelly formalized the US fundraising organization and incorporated The Haiti Project, Inc. (THP) to fund this effort. Between 2004 - 2006, Pastor Alfonso Kirk, Pastor Derek Ingraham, and Kim Warrick (now Kim Joly) got involved with THP in various capacities. In May, 2007, Pastor Alfonso Kirk led a revival and God spoke clearly to him about why he was there and what to do when he returned.

In September, 2007, Pastor Pierre presented the budget to THP and was told THP was shutting down operations in October, 2007. Thus, Remember The Poor International (RTPI) was born to carry forth the work. In November 2007, RTPI was organized as an independent Florida non-profit corporation. Currently, the 501c(3) application process is underway.

Vision Statement: Galatians 2:10 --- We must always reach out to others with the Gospel (Jew or Gentile). But we must never forget the poor while we’re doing it.



  • To allow God to use us to establish the structure of an organization that will carry out this mission for generations to come.
  • To see the day where our Haitian church(es) are raising and SENDING missionaries to the uttermost part of the earth.
  • To see that churches (black, white, American, Haitian, etc.) remember we all NEED each other.
  • To see the “true church” unified around this central task of missions.



  • To glorify God by taking the Gospel into the uttermost parts of the earth and teaching others to live the Gospel and who, in turn, take it to the uttermost parts of the earth.
  • To glorify God by raising up missionary disciples in our local churches and beyond.
  • To meet the needs of the poor with the Gospel and material resources while meeting the needs of the church to be obedient to Christ’s commands.


Main Components:

  • Evangelism/Discipleship
  • Education
  • Community Development


Current Board of Directors:

Pastor Doyle R. Adams, Sr. (Treasurer) – Senior Pastor, Elizabeth Baptist Church, Benton, LA
Pastor Pierre Fedner (Director) - Senior Pastor & School Administrator, Bondye La, Boucan La Marre, Lagonave, Haiti
Pastor Derek Ingraham (Vice President) – Senior Pastor, Mt. Moriah Ministries, Plant City, FL
Pastor Alfonso Kirk, Jr. (President) – Senior Pastor: Living Witness Ministries, Tampa, FL


Contact Information:

Remember The Poor International
P. O. Box 23351
Tampa, FL 33630

Phone: (813) 425-3213

Website: www.rememberthepoorintl.org



Intercessory Prayer - 8:15a
Sunday School - 8:45a
Morning Worship - 10:00a

Intercessory Prayer - 6:00p
Midweek Worship
& Bible Study - 6:30p