Sound/Video Ministry

audio_video1The Sound and Video Ministry provides recorded material on CD by sharing the preached Word with others all over the world that is unsaved and helping to disciple Christians. We strive for a spirit of excellence in providing a well-balanced quality "live" sound in the Sanctuary during worship services and other events to increase the congregation's participation, enjoyment and provide an environment that is conducive for sharing the Word. We effectively spread the message of Jesus through production of quality recording during worship services and make CDs available to visitors, members attending and non-attending, and the radio listening audience. We also assist in providing a pleasant worship experience through enhancements such as on-screen scriptures, songs, announcements, video clips that provide help, and personal experiences, using graphics, imagery and real-life illustrations through witnessing of other believers of like faith. Our mission/purpose is to provide practical tools and a foundation of deepening Christian faith with the ultimate goal of reaching the lost and to disciple those that are saved.



Intercessory Prayer - 8:15a
Sunday School - 8:45a
Morning Worship - 10:00a

Intercessory Prayer - 6:00p
Midweek Worship
& Bible Study - 6:30p