Our History

Elizabeth Baptist Church was founded and organized on May 15, 1883 in Benton, Louisiana by the late Minister Samuel Ralph.  During the course of the church's many years of existence, Elizabeth has had only ten pastors.  They are the late Minister Samuel Ralph, Minister Frank Cook, Minister D. L. Hardiman, Minister S. W. Jackson, Sr., Minister R. H. James, Minister John Roger Stewart, Minister T. M. Durr, Minister H. J. Price, Minister A. L. Coleman, and our current Pastor - Doyle R. Adams, Sr.  Of these pastors, Minister A. L. Coleman served the longest; approximately 30 years.  Under the leadership of our former pastors, significant progress was made in the spiritual growth of the members of the church family at Elizabeth.  We thank God for our history because it prepared the foundation for an exciting future in ministry here at the church.

Our current Pastor/Teacher, Minister Doyle Adams, Sr. came to EBC in 1989 and found a congregation that was prepared to follow God's leadership.  He came teaching the Anointed and Uncompromising Word of God.  God has given him the directive to "Teach and Preach the Gospel in an understandable format so believers can grow spiritually and apply the Word of God to their everyday lives, thereby becoming disciples who can go out and bring others to Christ".

To carry out this mission, Pastor Adams initiated full-time ministry with worship services each Sunday, Mid-week Bible Study/Prayer Meeting, Anointed Seminars, Intercessory Prayer, Marriage Enrichment Fellowship, G-Men Ministry, Women's Ministry, Radio and Television Outreach Ministry, Nursing Home Ministry, Sound/Video Ministry, Juvenile Detention Center Ministry, Youth Aksess Ministry for Teens, Super Church for Children's Ministry, Golden Vessels Ministry for Seniors, Young Adult Ministry, New Members Orientation, Missions in Haiti, Hospital Ministry, Discipleship Training Classes and others.

Because we have been taught how to witness, many have accepted Jesus Christ as Savior, been baptized and filled with the precious Holy Spirit.  Additionally, many lives are being touched and changed through The Manifested Word Radio Broadcast, heard throughout the Ark-La-Tex Region Monday through Friday on radio stations KIOU 1480 AM (Shreveport, Louisiana) at 11:30 am and 5:00 pm; KWDF 840 AM (Alexandria, Louisiana) at 8:00 am; KBEF 104.5 FM (Minden, Louisiana) at 9:00 am and 6:00 pm; and also on WASG 540 AM (Mobile, Alabama) at 6:00 pm.

The Manifested Word Television Broadcast is aired each Thursday morning at 6:00 am on KSHV My45 (Shreveport, Louisiana). Additionally, our Sunday worship services can be viewed online at www.ebcbenton.org.

Under our Pastor's leadership many, many lives have been changed through the Word of God.  To further aid in the work of the ministry, a new activities building was constructed in 1998 and a new church sanctuary was completed in September of 2003.  This church has grown spiritually, numerically, and financially. 

We have  come a long way, but God still has greater things He wants to accomplish through Elizabeth Baptist Church.We know that if we follow our Pastor, as he follows the Lord's direction, we will continue to grow and go in the right direction.  We thank God for His Holy Spirit, His Anointed Word, His Awesome Son, and our Anointed Pastor and First Lady!



Intercessory Prayer - 8:15a
Sunday School - 8:45a
Morning Worship - 10:00a

Intercessory Prayer - 6:00p
Midweek Worship
& Bible Study - 6:30p